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Workouts will be high energy with encouragement to take you to the next level and push you to accomplish things you did not think you could. My philosophy is that "Fitness is a lifestyle and not a trend."

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Remember that you're only one person. One person can only work so hard. Although work may be crazy, there has to be a time that you dedicate to your personal life.

Imagine this: you come home from a rough day at work, you have to make dinner for your family, clean the house, and get laundry ready for the next day. Just as you're about to go to bed you realize all you did all day was wake up, work, come home, and work some more. The drag of your current routine is really starting to get to you.

Trust me, I understand your concern. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your life revolves around your profession 24/7. The following ways to decompress are some of my favorites:

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There's a lot said about how to lose weight. As it turns out, a lot of what's said may not be true.

To sort fact from fiction, a group of doctors and nutritionists researched the medical evidence behind common claims and presented their findings Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Beyond academia, however, the doctors and nutritionists also have deep ties to industry, receiving grant support and consulting fees from food, drug, and diet companies, raising questions about how wide a net of inquiry the authors were willing to cast.

Still, here are what the researchers say are the seven myths about obesity:

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Fitness News

  • As you go about your workout sessions, one thing that you must make sure you’re doing is maximizing your time in the gym. Sadly though, many people are still spending far too much time performing exercises that simply are not going to get them the best ‘bang’ for their time invested.

  • If you're someone who's highly involved in the sport of basketball, one element of your training that you must be sure that you don't overlook is the stretching component.

  • If you’re about to get started on any type of diet plan, be it for building more lean muscle mass or losing excess body fat, one thing that you need to be making sure of is that you’re thinking about which supplements you can add into the mix to help your progress along.

  • My experience has shown that being fit is achieved only when our attention is focused on something other than failure. Actually, that’s the biggest hindrance to being fit - being extremely wary of failing, that we make choices that are self-defeating. In this article, we’ll discuss these self-defeating drivers which are counter-productive to being fit: - Mental drivers - these are...

  • If you’re currently on a fat loss diet plan or simply watching your health and nutrition and looking to cut sugar out of your plan as best as possible, it’s helpful to know your options.