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Come get a great workout at Santa Fe by joining one of our group fitness classes. U-Fit and Ripped On Ropes will get your heart pumping.

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Membership Plans

Head on over to our membership section to browse the price chart and find the plan thats right for you. We have 12 month, 6 month and No-Contract options, so there's something for everyone. Military and Parish rates are available upon request.

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Personal Fitness Chart

1 Session
1 Hour
1/2 Hour
$40 Per 1 Hour
$30 Per 1/2 Hour
$40 Per 1 Hour
$30 Per 1/2 Hour
Athlete Development
Per 30 Minutes
1 Hour Class

Are you looking to improve your overall fitness, flexibility, exercise technique, to tone up, lose weight, or become stronger? If yes, then Santa Fe's personal training program is for you!

SFFLC's personal training is designed to help improve an individual's physical fitness through the development and implementation of individualized training programs. Let us know what areas you are interested in improving and we will design the workouts according to your goals and specific needs.

Personal Training at Santa Fe Family Life Center is safety-oriented and it offers a progressive approach, acclimating each individual to the intensity and challenge on a gradual basis.

Michael Taylor

He is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and CPR certified through the American Heart Association. He also has a bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Oklahoma.

He has played basketball at a collegian level and specialize in sport specific conditioning. Other areas of expertise include weight loss, muscle gain, muscle toning, core and circuit training.

Workouts will be high energy with encouragement to take you to the next level and push you to accomplish things you did not think you could. My philosophy is that "Fitness is a lifestyle and not a trend."

  • 3 Years of Training Experience
  • Fitness Coach at the Nike Sparq Combine in Dallaz, Texas
  • Division I Athlete Development (Speed, Agility & Vertical Jump
  • Athlete Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention
  • Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning